Helsingin Tapahtumatuotanto (Helsinki Event Production) is an agile and innovative planning and production company that operates in Finland and in Europe. We have a versatile expertise of arranging all kinds of events, trade fair stands, booths and sections, exhibitions and promotional events as well as organizing innovative marketing stunts. We are well equipped to handle everything from planning to practical implementation.

Understanding of the Needs and Budget of the Customer

We always customize our services to best match the specific needs of each customer. We do not mass produce our services with a rigid formula – we would much rather pay attention to listening to the customer’s needs and deciding how to best answer them. We strive to utilize the available resources to their fullest extent so that you always get the maximal benefit for your investment.

We deliver what we promise

Our phase-by-phase project management keeps you up to date through all stages of the project and guarantees that everything goes according to plans. A project manager is assigned for each project to serve as your personal spokesperson and to ensure that the everything remains on schedule, well executed and within the agreed budget.

Surpassing expectations

We utilize an agile project management model (envision-speculate-explore-adapt-close) within our company. The idea behind the model is to not limit ourselves to the boundaries of the original goal – instead, we work in iterations and utilize constant adaptive development to reach the client’s business goals with optimal efficiency. In an agile model, plans are developed and new ideas and opportunities can be adapted rapidly – only the best result is good enough.