Design services & 3d

Space design services

We offer all-round visual space design services. We create individual and memorable spaces by combining art, technology, individual experience and carefully planned functionality.
Our extensive long-term experience helps us design experiential spaces that are both realistic and cost efficient to produce. The project plans are 3D-aided – with the help of the concept model images we can make sure that you’re completely happy with the planned implementation before we start on building it.

Visualization services

We also produce 3D-models and visualization images based on customers’ own plans. High-quality 3D-visualization images give a good idea of what your plans will look like when realized.
Measure-exact 3D-models are also great tool for technical production – ideal for testing, for example, lines of sight and shape design of the environment.


Along with traditional project management, we utilize an agile project management model (envision-speculate-explore-adapt-close) within our company. The idea behind the model is to not limit ourselves to the boundaries of the original goal – instead, we work in iterations and utilize constant adaptive development to reach the client’s business goals with optimal efficiency. In an agile model, plans are developed and new ideas and opportunities can be adapted rapidly – only the best result is good enough.

Applicable commissions:
•    Promotion and fair section planning
•    Space design for company events and seminars
•    Scenic/background design for concerts
•    Pop-up-shop, shop-in-shop and business venue planning
•    Planning exhibition spaces and showrooms.
•    Scenic design for TV-productions
•    Scenic- and light design for outside areas
•    3D-modeling commissions and space utilization plans