Exhibition & fairs

A trade fair section is a three-dimensional story about your company – therefore it is crucial that it also shows the look and feel of your company.
In trade fairs and exhibitions, the focus is on creating experiential environments where the guests can create positive memories. A well planned section that supports the story of your brand both enhances the experience of your guests and motivates your personnel working the fair section.
Tapahtumatuotanto specializes in the planning and production of experiential environments. We understand that the key to best results in section planning is to find the supporting themes in the products and services themselves. The innovative promotion of different themes, carefully planned functionality and clearly defined goals create a solid foundation to a successful trade fair investment.

Solid or pop-up exhibition?

In exhibitions the goal is to bring forth and enhance emotions in the guests. By combining art, technology, individual experience and planned functionality we can create exhibition environments that are unique and memorable. A successful exhibition surprises, entertains, and – through intense personal experience – can even educate. Experience of human behaviour is central when designing an effective exhibition environment. A carefully planned pacing and well-placed elements that guide attention can effectively guide and support the emotional experience of the exhibition guests.

Applicable commissions:
•    Fair section planning and technical production
•    All-around planning and implementation of long-term exhibition environments
•    Planning, production and tour arrangements of pop-up exhibitions
•    Separate space planning services
•    3D-visualization
•    Projections and technology solutions
•    Technical production and consulting
•    Special projects for advertisement and communication agencies
•    Mainos- ja viestintätoimistojen erikoisprojektit