Experiential Marketing

Through an experiential marketing stunt you can give your customers a personal experience of your brand. The goal of experiential marketing is to create positive experiences and memories related to your brand and products in your customers.

We learn through experiences

Given a chance to experience your product or service personally, your customers will also find it easier to understand what the product has to give to them personally. With a clever and sensory-rich environment, the experience can be significantly enhanced. The personal experience in a memorable environment creates memories related to your brand and products, which in turn bring the brand closer to potential customers, guiding them to choose your product or service.
Experiential events and marketing stunts also produce new and interesting content that not only shows your brand in a positive light but also motivates people to discuss about the event/stunt, blog about it or distribute in social media.
Tapahtumatuotanto specializes in the creation of engaging experiential stories that support and promote your brand and products.
Personal and visible promotions, tours and pop-up shops along with guerrilla-marketing and spatial art in cities are great examples of experiential marketing. Whatever method is chosen, the central goal remains the same: to reach the intended target group and to leave strong and positive memories of the encounter.   
Contact us and we’ll cooperate with you to create the experiential marketing campaign that will bring your specific brand, product or service to your target group in the best imaginable way.

Applicable commissions:
•    Promotions and tours
•    Pop-up shop and shop-in-shop -solutions
•    Guerrilla-marketing stunts and urban spatial art
•    Experiential events
•    Special projects for advertisement and communication agencies