Large scale projections

Any surface that reflects light can be textured with video- or image projection. Using the technology, video image or static high-resolution images can be ”painted in light” directly over background scenery, walls of buildings, actors, products etc.
With the most powerful large-format projectors, massive images can be projected on the outer- and inner walls of buildings, backgrounds of stages, or as background scenery for company parties, concerts etc. Projection can be implemented either as video projection or as even more powerful Pani-large-format projection.

Video projecting and 3D-mapping

3D-mapped video projections make for impressive video textures on three dimensional objects such as stage scenery or various products. 3D-mapped video projections are ideal for, for example, product launches, exhibitions and company events. 3D-mapped video projections can also be applied on outer walls of buildings.


The luminosity and image quality of Pani large-format projectors is more than three times higher than that of the most powerful available video projectors. If you need a bright image rich with colour in a very large scale (i.e. wall of a large building or a whole city block), large-format projection is definitely the most cost efficient and practical way of implementing it. Pani-images are still-shots, but by adding a programmable image switcher they can be switched around quickly. You can also get impressive results by combining Pani-large-format projection to traditional video projections.

Applicable commissions:
•    Consulting
•    Pani- and video projection backdrops for events and concerts
•    Texturing the fronts of buildings with large-format projections
•    Projecting advertisements on walls of buildings