Technical production

Helsinki Tapahtumatuotanto provides you with all services related to practical implementation. Tapahtumatuotanto is a completely independent production company, so it is also an efficient partner in bringing together the best suited and most skilled personnel and the most cost effective resources for any commission.
Since design, budget calculations and technical production are all done in-house, we can guarantee that all plans we provide can be completed within the given budget, and that the implementation always matches the planned goal.
All plans we provide are always based on real estimates. We always ensure the availability, applicability and other central qualities of all needed materials and resources before leaving an offer.

We are trusted

We are known to be a reliable business partner, who always delivers what has been promised. We can also provide our services separately for collaboration projects – for example, production consulting, subcontracting, tendering, staff leasing or project supervision can be provided. You can choose us as your spokesperson and trustee for all kinds of productions that call for practical know-how and the tenacity to meet the most demanding goals.  It is not uncommon for Tapahtumatuotanto to be invited to productions in the role of a consultant or a subcontractor – especially if desiring something extraordinary and eye-catching.


Along with traditional project management, we utilize an agile project management model (envision-speculate-explore-adapt-close) within our company. The idea behind the model is to not limit ourselves to the boundaries of the original goal – instead, we work in iterations and utilize constant adaptive development to reach the client’s business goals with optimal efficiency. In an agile model, plans are developed and new ideas and opportunities can be adapted rapidly – only the best result is good enough.

Applicable commissions:
•    Production services
•    Reports and preliminary research
•    Consulting
•    Estimates and measurements
•    Tendering and staff leasing
•    Technical project management